Ebook Experiencing MIS 7e by Kroenke, Boyle (GLobal Edition)

Experiencing MIS
Global Edition, 7/E
David M. Kroenke
ISBN-10: 1292163577 • ISBN-13: 9781292163574
©2017 • Pearson Education

Table of Content:
Part 1: Why MIS?
1. The Importance of MIS
CE1. Collaboration Information Systems for Decision Making, Problem Solving, and Project Management
2. Business Processes, Information Systems, and Information
CE2. Collaborative Information Systems for Student Projects
3. Organizational Strategy, Information Systems, and Competitive Advantage
Part 2: Information Technology
4. Hardware and Software
CE3. Mobile Systems
CE4. Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013
5. Database Processing
CE5. Database Design
CE6. Using Microsoft Access 2013
CE7. Using Excel and Access Together
6. The Cloud
CE8. Network and Cloud Technology
Part 3: Using IS for Competitive Advantage
7. Organizations and Information Systems
CE9. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
CE10. Supply Chain Management
8. Social Media Information Systems
CE11. Enterprise Social Networks and Knowledge Management
9. Business Intelligence Systems
CE12. Database Marketing
CE13. Reporting Systems and OLAP
Part 4: Information Systems Management
10. Information Systems Security
CE14. Data Breaches
11. Information Systems Management
CE15. International MIS
12. Information Systems Development
CE16. Systems Development Project Management
CE17. Agile Development
CE18. Business Process Management

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