Ebook Multinational Business Finance 14e by Eiteman, Stonehill, Moffet

Multinational Business Finance
14th Edition
David K. Eiteman - Arthur I. Stonehill - Michael H. Moffett
©2016 | Pearson Education / Prentice Hall

Table of Content:
Part I: Global Financial Environment
1. Multinational Financial Management: Challenges and Opportunities
2. The International Monetary System
3. The Balance of Payments
4. Financial Goals and Corporate Governance

Part II: Foreign Exchange Theory and Markets
5. The Foreign Exchange Market
6. International Parity Conditions
Appendix: An Algebraic Primer to Parity Conditions
7. Foreign Currency Futures and Options
Appendix: Foreign Currency Options Pricing Theory
8: Interest Rate Derivatives and Swaps
9. Exchange Rate Determination and Forecasting

Part III: Foreign Exchange Exposure
10. Transaction Exposure
Appendix: Complex Option Hedges
11. Translation Exposure
12. Operating Exposure

Part IV: Financing the Global Firm
13. The Global Cost and Availability of Capital
14. Raising Equity and Debt Globally
Appendix: Financial Structure of Foreign Subsidiaries
15. Multinational Tax Management
16. International Trade Finance

Part V: Foreign Investment Decisions
17. Foreign Direct Investment and Political Risk
18. Multinational Capital Budgeting and Cross-Border Acquisitions

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